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Hope you all enjoy my artwork! Stamp.:Sonamy...Sonic Boom:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx


colored no background
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 colored and with background


That awkward moment when

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 6:38 AM
You feel a little tooo cool.. And you're walking around your dormitory at 8 am (waiting for your mom to pick u up and bring u home) like u know who's boss but in reality you're just trying to keep it down.

Yes i'm writing a journal about.. well how cool i feel. Something i don't normally feel. And the irony is the journal skin is OF a cool dude AKA dave strider. I'm like literally walking around my entire dorm building flipping my glasses on and off waiting for my mom. PFFT. I feel like an idiot! but hey... i mean it's a rarity that i ever feel this fresh to death. So.. Why not parade around a little bit... and by that i mean walk around for about a half an hour and when someone notices you totally flee into your room like a little putty tat. 

  • Mood: Hysterical
  • Listening to: Comatose
  • Reading: Homestuck
  • Watching: WitchBlade
  • Playing: swagger walk
  • Eating: rice crispy
  • Drinking: tea


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Yeweta Nutrin
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Now time for the koolest ppl in the world
:iconbrolysgurl101: ~! my big sis!!!!!! i love her to death! and if u mess with her best sleep with one eye open cause it's about to go down son! <3 go check out her page!! she's super sweet and the best!!

:iconmountainnorth: ~probably one of the most badass people on this planet! i mean seriously! have u met this guy! also this dude be my biggest rolemodel and my best friend in real life! check him out ya'll!!

:iconxx-meteorth-xx: the coolest guy ever seriously! i love his artwork and he's so much fun to role play with!!! go check him out guys!!

:iconlaila-the-wolf-712: ~what can i say! this girl is literally mad chill! i love her to death and her art is sooo awesome! She's such a nice chica to talk to and i love roleplaying with her! totally check her out!

freak Stamp by zilla774
Requests Stamp by AraulsStamps
Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever
Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever

100% Capricorn and proud as fuck! :icongamzeeplz:

huge homestuck fan right here!
:iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz: :iconhonkplz:
┗━┻┻┛┗┻━━┛┗┛┗┛┗━━┻━━┻━━┻━━┛ desu chat room

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GIF - No F---- Given by SpPandaaa
:iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz::iconpolandplz: :iconprussiaplz:

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:iconsebastianplz: = :iconmegustaplz:
:iconukplz: = :icondreamyplz:
:icongarchompplz: = :iconsiplz:

stamp-fan england-hetalia by Burbujitafdejabon :thumb148770448: hetalia ending stamp by Julesie Sleepy England stamp by Julesie 2p England Stamp by Katttty920 :thumb183431925: APH - Allies Marching Stamp by 2Dea :thumb111987466: APH Stamp - England by MissBezz hetalia stamp 1 by 0mgcaffeine England stamp by Naru-Nisa :thumb128173533: Americas icecream stamp by Julesie APH-British Gentleman stamp by Tokis Chibi Englands hair - stamp by Julesie 3 Reasons: England- Uke stamp by AnglaisRose APH- England Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal APH: I love Arthur Stamp by Chibikaede APH-Arthur stamp by Tokis APH - I support England by Red-Stamp
:iconenglandwatplz: :iconsaysplz: wow what a fan girl
:iconwhimiscottgod9: :iconsaysplz: NO REALLY?
England (Hetalia) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker

MLP MIlkshakes by motbob
GIF applejack moonwalking or shufflin by Chevrolet-Evilimpala
Animated Gif: Lyra Headbanging by DILeak
when i like a song
Vinyl Scratch Avatar by SparxxGraphics
when i can't explain something
Apple Bloom Avatar by SparxxGraphics
if amused
Pound Cake Avatar by SparxxGraphics
when im not in the mood
Rainbow Dash Avatar by SparxxGraphics
when im high on sugar
Derpy Hop Avatar by SparxxGraphics
Oink oink oink by kero444
Derpy Hooves v1 by kero444

Happy Derpy by kero444 Twilight Sparkle by kero444 Rainbow Dash v3 by kero444 Rarity v3 by kero444
Pinkie Pie 1 by kero444 Fluttershy v3 by kero444 Applejack v3 by kero444

no no no.. i DO evil dances
Pinkie Pie dancing 1 by kero444



Pass me my Mountain dew! The special Elixir for the king!

talk to me Here~


do u hate it when someone hates you because you have finally seen the truth yet they're too blind and ignorant to see it? 

3 deviants said YAS PREACH!
1 deviant said let's be honest, they need to learn
No deviants said of course isn't that a lot of people
No deviants said yep
No deviants said nope
No deviants said hey that's mean
No deviants said *comment

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Mon Feb 9, 2015, 2:23 PM
>w< Keep up the good work!
Mon Feb 9, 2015, 12:55 PM
Thu Jan 22, 2015, 8:00 AM
Hi there ^^
Thu Dec 25, 2014, 9:15 AM
Wah hi thar
Sun Jun 29, 2014, 6:35 PM
'sup bro :3?
Thu Jun 26, 2014, 4:17 PM
n-no no i-i'm good
Wed May 22, 2013, 3:46 PM
:eyes: Wanna play with my empire~?
Mon May 13, 2013, 5:40 PM
.... Matty :)
Thu May 9, 2013, 6:18 PM
Wed May 8, 2013, 4:04 PM


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